Steel Storage Tanks Near Dacono

Steel Storage Tanks Near Dacono image

© Karen Lynn Link, Steel Storage Tanks Near Dacono, acrylic on canvas, 9” x 12”.

Driving around the rural and scenic areas of Colorado can be a wonderful cure for wanderlust especially when there is no particular destination in mind. Desiring views other than the usual, I headed out and was meandering on county roads when I discovered these silos just east of Dacono.

Golden fields surround the cool steel silos and the grain conveyors that are painted in bright colors, similar to children’s toys. The dirt road, along with the irrigation ditch to the right, winds around the silos then disappears behind the slope of the hill. The shape of the silos are reminiscent of the hay stacks in the paintings by Monet. The light is cool and crisp typical of Colorado afternoons in autumn. What a joy it was to discover this beautiful landscape.

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