Standley Lake West Side

Standley Lake West Side image

© Karen Lynn Link, Standley Lake West Side, acrylic on canvas, 16” x 20”. Available $400 USD

I spend a lot time on the west side of Standley Lake on Alkire Street. It’s dotted with small farms and ranches that are slowly disappearing to mass development. Thankfully quite a bit of land around the lake is preserved in the Standley Lake Regional Park in Westminster. I’ve seen the occasional coyote and herds of deer hanging out there. Plus many hawks and nesting Bald Eagles that have made their home on the north side of the lake. There’s even an eagle cam for remote viewing that you can check them out here. The painting shows a view looking east across the lake at the height of summer. High cirrus clouds fill the sky while the tops of cumulus clouds can be seen on the eastern horizon.

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