Prairie And Powerlines

Prairie and Powerlines image

© Karen Lynn Link, Prairie and Powerlines, acrylic on canvas, 30” x 40”. Available $1500 USD

This painting has an interesting history as it is a combination of two different photographs from two different locations. The bottom three-quarters is from a photograph looking north near Standley Lake. There was a field of cattails that lead to a small ridge of prairie grasses with power lines running along it. I was having difficulty resolving the trees along the ridge and I couldn’t get them to “feel” right. As I painted them out again, I started seeing “hillsides” where the trees had been.

I started looking through my reference photos that included foothills and mountain scenes. I came upon an image of Coal Creek Canyon that I had taken from Highway 93. The viewpoint in the photo is looking southwest. When I compared the photo to the hillsides in the painting they were very similar. Enough so that I used the photo of Coal Creek Canyon to finish the top quarter of the painting. Painting can sometimes be a dance where the work leads the way.

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