Looking Towards Lone Pine

KarenLynnLink.Looking Towards Lone Pine image

© Karen Lynn Link, Looking Towards Lone Pine, vine charcoal on paper, 11” x 13.75”.

Drawing landscapes in Colorado, and elsewhere, is very enjoyable and challenging at the same time. If it stopped being both then I would not keep at it.

I became interested in landscapes again during the time I was painting the Family-isms series. This series was painted entirely from photographs. I spent an equal amount of time studying the environments that I did on the figures themselves as each are dependent on the other. Slowly my work was less about the portrait and more about the landscape. I decided, finally, to let the landscapes stand on their own.

Once I started focusing on landscapes, the imagery spoke about the beauty and power of nature. Rather than emphasize the sublime and scale in my work, I prefer to show the ebb and flow of the foothills as it moves back in space from the viewer.

The forces and beauty of nature can be see in the summits of the foothills that snake back and forth from the elevation change until the abrupt flatness of the plains. It’s in the velvety texture that the grasses, shrubs and pines create as they move down the slopes and bend to the wind. It’s primeval: the rhythm, the song, the dance of nature much like a beating heart. My beating heart.

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