Foothills Pine

Foothills Pine image

© Karen Lynn Link, Foothills Pine, vine charcoal on paper, 11” x 13.75”.

I use trees, especially single trees and groupings of trees, quite a bit in my work. Trees signify many things to me including strength of the individual and conversely vulnerability. Trees also can represent isolation and loneliness. They also speak to me of life and at times mortality and renewal. Trees are more than an element in the landscape to be planted and chopped down with each successive homeowner, but rather a symbol of being able to endure all of life's challenges.

Trees have an expression of humanity to them that can be seen in the way they stretch out towards the sky especially at this time of year as more leaves fall to the ground exposing their bare arms. To be born again in the spring with buds of delicate flowers and the bright green of freshly opened leaves eager to face the sun.

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