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Pierre Bonnard, The Open Window, 1921, Oil on canvas. 96 x 118 cm. Quote from Pierre Bonnard: Early and Late. Edited by Fronia W. Simpson, 2002.

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I was first introduced to Pierre Bonnard’s work as a recommendation from one of my college painting professors. The more work of his I saw the more I fell completely in love with it.

I was very fortunate to be able to see an exhibition of his work at the Denver Art Museum.
As energetic as his work is in photos, in person they fly off the walls at you. It’s incredibly detailed work that has an amazing range of color that shimmers. His work literally “tickles” my eyes.

One of the techniques used by Bonnard was to use the bare white gessoed canvas to serve as whites in the finished painting much like master artists do when working with watercolor and ink. He hid people and pets in plain view within his compositions and are a delightful surprise when you find them.

Bonnard’s sensitivity to his work can be felt. He expressed the difficulty of keeping focused on the idea behind the painting while working representationally. His paintings are filled with the people and objects that were around him, and the places he lived and visited. He painted his wife on many occasions.

Who are the artists, or people, that inspire you to be the best you? Please share in the comments below.

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