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Greetings and salutations,

After my mom passed, I started spending at least one day a week with my dad. We went to lunch most times and then ran errands. And if there was enough time, we would go and have fun. Fun sometimes meant going to see movies, bike shops, or a favorite coffee shop in Lafayette (Cannon Mine Coffee). My absolute favorite thing to do was going on road trips. We went all over and had great adventures together. We had delicious burgers at the Boathouse Cantina in Salida. Hiked on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park just north of Grand Lake. On that particular excursion we saw our first moose. We also drove over the top of Trail Ridge Road at sunset in July. A truly spectacular experience of feeling on top of the world and alone because we saw only 2 cars until we were below tree line again. Between errands, restaurants, hiking and road trips, we criss crossed between Golden and Boulder and up and down Hwy 72 hundreds of times. I really felt like I was starting to get to know Highways 72 and 93, but also secondary roads like Alkire and Leyden Road. The more I drove, the more I looked at and appreciated these little rural places stuck in the middle of suburban sprawl. I became interested in painting these and areas like them dotted up and down the front range.

Take care and have a beautiful day,

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