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© Karen Lynn Link, Around the Bend, Mixed media Collage on paper, 7.75" x 10.75"
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Different States of Around the Bend, © Karen Lynn Link

Greetings and Salutations,

Oh no, you caught me experimenting in my studio again! This time it was with collage.

Until recently, I worked with collage by combining images from a variety of sources, like magazines, to create an entirely new image.  It was an interesting process to remove a part of one image, place it into a completely unrelated composition, and see if it works. You can see a sample here.

Some of my favorites from this time were the ones sent as Christmas gifts that featured Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and presents. It was a fun way to celebrate the holidays and to share what I do best.

I rarely painted on the collages other than a base coat on the support. Last year I decided to paint on top of the collage. Next, I started using cutouts from painted computer paper in my collages to supplement my collection of printed imagery. I reused paint from my palette by painting on computer paper meant for recycling. I actually like these painted pages more than the printed magazine pieces. They allow me more freedom because they don’t seem as precious and less locked into the preprinted image.

After making several collage ‘bases,’ I felt these were interesting in and of themselves and didn’t need to be completely painted over. The image created in the collage is a bright, colorful space. The sense of depth is still there from these flat pieces of paper as well as the uniqueness of the Colorado landscape.

Take care and have a beautiful day,


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