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© Karen Lynn Link, Loveland Water Tower. acrylic on mat board, 16.25" x 10.5”.

Greetings and Salutations,

When going to grad school for my master’s in painting at CSU (Colorado State University), I commuted to Ft. Collins and back to Arvada pretty much five days a week. On a good day it took an hour and 30 minutes door to door, one way. Luckily most days were good, especially in the morning going to campus. Only once did I have to contemplate sleeping in my campus studio because of snow. Thankfully I did not.

Before grad school, I rarely traveled to Ft. Collins except for special events and activities. If the drive became a chore then the city would loose that association of fun, laughter and friends.

Actually the drive was enjoyable. Imagining, at the time, a mini daily road trip. Always looking for new things to keep the drive fresh. The seasons would come and go and so did the activities relating to the seasons.

Flocks of starlings would ebb and flow in shape shifting clouds across the fields and over the highway as well. Farmer’s would burn their fields, plow and seed them, then irrigate the growing plants before being harvested in late summer or early fall. Fields would sit quiet over the short winter days until the process started all over again.

As the seasons passed, certain things never seemed to change and would stand out from the rest. A favorite landmark was the Loveland Water Tower. A bright white beacon in Colorado’s azure sky towering over the surrounding landscape.

After driving by and admiring it for so long, I decided to paint this impressive structure and chose the shadow side of the tower because the view from I-25 is generally sunlit and bright. This view was more unique and contrasted well with the unusually cloudy sky.

Do you have a favorite landmark, either man made or natural, that you look forward to seeing everyday on your commute? How about on vacations or the road trips that you take? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Take care and have a beautiful day,

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