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©2019 karen Lynn Link, Images of my Friend the Brush plus an unfinished Ink drawing of North Table Mountain.

Greetings and Salutations,

Say hello to my little friend. No, not that one. It’s my favorite brush! I couldn’t resist using that movie quote to describe my brush because it is my friend in the studio. Much battered, worn, and bent with only little bits of paint left on the handle, it’s still my go to brush. And yes, it really is that warped. If I’m having a bad painting day, I will switch to this brush because I believe it can fix any painting problem. I just know that it will and have rarely been proven wrong. After an extended period of time away from my studio, from having the flu, I carried it around with me everywhere I went for a day because I missed being in the studio and working with my materials. The only thing I haven’t done is give my friend, the brush, a nick name. What would be a good name for a brush? Brushy? Super brush? Mr. Paint tamer? Fred? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Take care and have a beautiful day,

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