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Greetings and Salutations,

It became hot in a hurry along the Colorado front range and I’m not complaining. It was only a short time ago that it was cold and snowing (hello May, I’m looking at you) and will be here again far too soon.

Summer is, generally, a very busy time for me in the studio. As my health allows, I’m cleaning the studio and clearing the decks so that I can focus on studio work for the rest of the summer and year. After being bed ridden for almost a month, I’m looking forward to the increased activity that my studio work brings. I will process all the reference photos shot throughout the year, plan new work, try out new ideas, and experiment with media. I will build canvases, prep paper, and get supports ready for the fun that is to come.

I’m looking forward to sharing the results with you in the coming months.

What season is your favorite? Do you have different times of the year when you feel more productive or less so? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Take care and have a beautiful day,


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