Artist Statement and Biography

Storage Tank Above Leyden
© Karen Lynn Link, Storage Tank Above Leyden, acrylic on canvas, 9” x 12”.

I am a visual artist working in the Denver Metro Area of Colorado. My work has focused, lately, on landscapes in Colorado around Highway 93. There are other landscapes from Colorado as well as ones from the Grand Canyon. I also have work dealing with my family, the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls, the Adams County demolition derby and a variety of still lifes.

I paint different subjects because I have a few strong interests that I find important. Though different, there’s a commonality that I focus on. These are: color, texture, feelings of space and environment.

Environments are important to me, whether in an abstraction, figurative, or pure landscape. We all have relationships with the environments we exist in, good or bad. In all my paintings, whether the environment is minimalist or rich in detail, the environment is equally important. Color is also important since feelings and symbolism come from color. For me, color is where the heart is.

Landscapes and visual depth seem to go hand in hand, especially in the Western U.S., and I enjoy experimenting with how spatially deep or flat a painting feels. Landscapes also have a variety of textures from dried prairie grasses that change from coarse, strong textures seen up close to a velvet texture when seen from a distance or sunlight peaking through remarkably fast moving clouds to create the feeling of sunlight dancing through water. Whether it’s the texture of the paint or the implied texture in the work, I love the visual sensation of texture. An overall guiding principal is whether or not a work visually tickles my eyes.

I mostly work with Utrecht acrylic paint but I also on occasion experiment with other brands like Golden Acrylics. I also enjoy working in ink, charcoal, and collage. My support surfaces include canvas (most that I stretch myself), mat board and paper.

I’m also inspired by a variety of artists, including Pierre Bonnard, Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O'Keeffe, Richard Diebenkorn, Elmer Bischoff, Wayne Thiebaud, Wolf Kahn, and John Hull. I probably could list 100 more, but this is my short list.

My work was shown at the Colorado Community College System exhibition space at their administrative offices at Lowry. In 2010, I was in an exhibition at Spark Gallery in Denver with Lydia Brokaw and Polly Chang as well as a group exhibition at Colorado State University, Pueblo campus. I have also exhibited at Foothills Art Center and the Arvada Center. My work was also included in an invitational exhibition for the Colorado State University’s Presidents Office in Ft. Collins.

I have been painting and drawing since 1988. I earned my Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Painting and Drawing in 2000 from the University of Colorado at Denver and my Master’s of Fine Art in Painting from Colorado State University in 2007. I also studied at the Art Students League of Denver in 1996 and Colorado Institute of Art in 1990.

I was also fortunate to be involved with many art organizations over the years. I have taught at Front Range Community College in Westminster, Colorado State University (as a graduate student), and Foothills Art Center, where I was the Marketing Coordinator. I was a member of The Sliding Door Gallery and The Artists Guild cooperatives. I owned a gallery in Denver from 1999-2001. I also volunteered with the South Westminster Artists Group, Arvada Art Studio Tour, Louisville Art Association, Ron Judish Fine Arts, and Alternative Arts Alliance.