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Near Coal Creek and Plainview image
© Karen Lynn Link, Near Coal Creek and Plainview, acrylic on canvas, 30” x 40”.

“In the end, everything depends on one’s self, on a fire in the belly with a thousand rays. Nothing else counts. That is why, for example, Matisse is Matisse. . . . He’s got the sun in his gut.”

-Pablo Picasso


I started focusing on landscapes again in 2011. The paintings and drawings are inspired by the geographic region where the Denver urban corridor reaches the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. I hope many of the landscapes will feel familiar for those who visit, live, commute or recreate in areas of the southwest where the mountains stand, almost literally, at our doorstep.

The forces and beauty of nature can be see in the summits of the foothills that snake back and forth from the elevation change until the abrupt flatness of the plains. It’s in the velvety texture that the grasses, shrubs and pines create as they move down the slopes and bend to the wind. It’s primeval: the rhythm, the song, the dance of nature much like a beating heart.

Rather than emphasize the sublime and scale in my work, I prefer to show the ebb and flow of the foothills as it moves back in space from the viewer. The imagery of the work speaks about the beauty and power of nature.

I use trees, especially single trees and small stands, quite a bit in my work. Trees have an expression of humanity to them that can be seen in the way they stretch out towards the sky especially in autumn as leaves fall to the ground exposing their bare arms yearning to be born again in the spring with buds of delicate flowers and bright green leaves eager to face the sun.

Trees signify many things to me including strength of the individual and conversely vulnerability. Trees can also symbolize isolation and loneliness of the human condition especially in the age of social media. They also speak to me of life and at times mortality and renewal. Trees are a symbol of being able to endure all of life's challenges.

WNW View from Joes Road
© Karen Lynn Link, WNW View From Joe’s Road, acrylic on canvas, 20” x 24”.

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